How Long Can A Person Live With Scleroderma

How Long Can A Person Live With Scleroderma. In many of the other patients, it is often hard to determine how long someone will live. I choose to live life to the fullest each day i am alive.

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Stories from people with scleroderma. I've lived with scleroderma for sixteen years. Only a few people get scleroderma, but no one really knows why.

The Sad Reality Is That It Can Sometimes End A Life Within A Few Months Or Years, For Those Hit Hard By Like Lung Disease Or Scleroderma Renal Crisis, But That's Rare.

Hepatitis c is a condition that causes inflammation of the liver. Patients with scleroderma are known to have decreased life expectancy. While many people with scleroderma live long, full lives, the death rate is increased by up to eight times for diffuse disease and two times for limited disease.

I Choose To Live Life To The Fullest Each Day I Am Alive.

Prior to my diagnosis, i worked as a counsellor/therapist in private practice, however i was forced to close my practice in 2014 because the fatigue associated with the disease had become profound. It’s a rare disease and fewer than half a million people in the united states are affected. Normally between 6 and 15 years.

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Apr 5, 2013 • 7:50 pm. It can affect the face. To conclude, we should say that life expectancy of an individual suffering from scleroderma is approximately of 10 to 12 years.

Someone With Lung Complications (Pulmonary Fibrosis) From Scleroderma Is At Much Higher Risk Of Dying Young As Opposed To Someone With Only The Skin Complications.

Some experts say that for every 7 people with scleroderma, 6 of them are women. Over half of patients — about 53 percent — have very mild disease and die of causes not related to the scleroderma. According to , there are three main areas that you can take control of:

Enjoy Your Good/Great Days And Try To Brush Off The Not So Great Days!

The more common form of the disease, localized scleroderma, affects only a person's skin. Mar 21, 2011 • 7:06 am. I believe positivity is the key!

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